Welcome to the Blue Hills Genealogical Society. We’re here to be your gateway to researching your Barron County, Wisconsin ancestors. Whether you’re a member of the Society or just a curious visitor, we have plenty of resources to help you out. Click on our menu options at the top for more information.

:: Mission Statement ::

The purpose of the Society shall be to encourage and teach aspects of genealogical research and to preserve records of Barron County genealogical relevance within geographical boundaries of Barron County, WI.

:: Our Goals ::

  • Encourage the preservation of genealogically relevant materials regarding Barron County, WI
  • Educate individuals in appropriate genealogical research methods
  • Aid individuals in conducting the research of their Barron County, WI roots
  • Encourage membership in the Society
  • Support existing resources in Barron County that contribute to this purpose

:: Our Officers ::

President: Gloria Dobberfuhl | Vice-President: Carol Moen  | Treasurer: Virginia Sorensen |Secretary: Linda Barta


:: Copyright © 2002 – 2023 ::

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Interested in becoming a member of the Blue Hills Genealogical Society? This is where you want to start!

Membership Application

Two types of memberships are available through the Blue Hills Genealogical Society –

  • Single $20 USD (with newsletter delivered via internet). $23 for newsletter delivered via USPS
  • Family Memberships $30 USD (with newsletter delivered via internet). $33 for newsletter delivered via USPS.

Membership periods run from April 1st to March 31.  

To purchase a membership

  • Print and fill out the form here, then return it by mail with a check to BHGS, 410 E. LaSalle Ave., Suite C, Barron, WI 54812 for the required membership dues.



Membership Benefits

Paid membership to the BHGS includes several cost-saving and time-saving benefits:

  • Voting privileges at regularly scheduled Society meetings
  • A copy of the Blue Hills Genealogical Society Bylaws (dual memberships receive one copy)
  • Quarterly Society newsletter “The Echoes” via internet.
  • One free query in “The Echoes”
  • Unlimited free on-site look-ups in the Resource Library collections
  • $10/hour for all Barron County research done outside the Resource Library (one hour minimum charge)
  • New! Access to online Member Resources

The fees for on-site and off-site look-ups for non-members is $30, with a one hour minimum charge.


We are able to accept donations of one dollar ($1 USD) or more online via PayPal! To donate more than $1, enter the quantity in the box below.



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Certificate Programs

The Blue Hills Genealogical Society – Barron County, Inc. issues certificates to individuals who are directly descended from a Barron County, Wisconsin Pioneer or Century ancestor. The purpose of these certificate programs is to recognize families with Barron County roots, encourage people to undertake genealogical research, develop a database of information for researchers, and to improve the quality of genealogical research.

Youth may apply for a Jr. Family Historian certificate. They will document their family history and interview a family relative.

Applicants must submit qualified evidence to prove direct descent and to prove that the:

  • Pioneer Ancestor settled/lived in Barron County, Wisconsin prior to Jan. 1, 1871
  • Century Ancestor settled/lived in Barron County, Wisconsin over 100 years prior to the date of application
  • Jr. Family Historian – Youth 8-18 years old. Four generation pedigree chart, family group sheet of immediate family, 10 minute interview of living relative 65 years of age or older taped on a thumb drive or  transcribed typed format of the interview.

Application instructions and forms can be found below. Forms must be filled out completely and accompanied by the required submission fee(s) to be considered.

Pioneer and Century Certificate Application Form 

Pioneer and Century Certificate Application Form Instructions: It is important to follow these carefully! Please download and/or print the instructions to refer back to as you work through your application.

Jr. Family Historian Application Form

Birth Record Abstract Form

Death Record Abstract Form

Marriage Record Abstract Form

Probate Record Abstract Form

Family Group Record

Pedigree Chart

Century Certificates awarded

Pioneer Certificates awarded

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We are able to accept donations of one dollar ($1 USD) or more online via PayPal! To donate more than $1, enter the quantity in the box below.



We’re updating to the digital age! To best serve our community and members, we would like to be able to provide more, and better, audio/video/visual information. Unfortunately, technology is always updating, and we’ve gotten a bit behind! We are hoping to upgrade to the following equipment:


Mevo Plus Live Event Camera (with accessories): ~$800
This camera has many of the requirements to get us off the ground with live streaming and recording our meetings, special events, and guest speakers. Through this technology, we hope to be able to better serve members who are unable to travel due to disability or other travel restrictions or who live far from Barron County. Being able to review videos of meetings would also be a handy tool for members who were there but wanted to double-check something they saw or heard!

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