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Blue Hills Genealogical Society – Barron County, Inc.

410 E. LaSalle Ave, Suite C, Barron, WI 54812


President Gloria Dobberfuhl: 715.637.5579

The Blue Hills Genealogical Society – Barron County, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit organization serving Barron County, Wisconsin and the surrounding area.

:: Mission Statement ::

The purpose of the Society shall be to encourage and teach aspects of genealogical research and to preserve records of Barron County genealogical relevance within geographical boundaries of Barron County, WI.

:: Our Goals ::

  • Encourage the preservation of genealogically relevant materials regarding Barron County, WI
  • Educate individuals in appropriate genealogical research methods
  • Aid individuals in conducting the research of their Barron County, WI roots
  • Encourage membership in the Society
  • Support existing resources in Barron County that contribute to this purpose

Officers  ::  Committees

BHGS officers and committees are long-time members of the Society who dedicate time and effort to maintain the functions of the Society and provide excellent service to our community. The Board of Directors consists of the elected officers, the chairpersons of all committees, and the most recent former President willing to serve.


President: Gloria Dobberfuhl – mgd5579@hotmail.com

The President presides at all Society and Board of Directors meetings, carries out the instructions of the Board of Directors, appoints all committees with the approval of the Board of Directors, and is the official spokesperson of the Society. The President serves as an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.

Vice President: Carol Moen – cjmoen@chibardun.net

The Vice President, in the absence or the inability of the President as defined by the Board of Directors, performs the duties of the President. The Vice President also discharges other duties requested by the President or prescribed by the Board of Directors.

NoPhoto Secretary: Carol Halverson – lakelady08@gmail.com

The Secretary keeps a record of Society and Board of Directors proceedings and any other written communications requested by the President.

 Treasurer: Virginia Sorenson

The Treasurer has custody of the funds of the Society, deposits them in an insured financial institution, makes disbursements as directed by the Board, and is responsible for the collection of all dues, fees, and debts owed the Society. The Treasurer keeps a current membership list.

Society Historian: Allene Hintz – bh4915@charter.net

Collections Librarian: Carol Gehler-BHGS-clg@centurytel.net

Lookup Chair:       Rosella Amundson- pla@charter.net

The Echoes” Editor: Will Mickelson-willmickelson1@outlook.com

Certificates Chair: Linda Adams- buzzy@chibardun.net

Hospitality Co-Chair: Sharon Bringman – csbringman@live.com

Facebook & Hospitality Co-Chair: Lori Balts – lkbalts@chibardun.net

For all general inquiries, please use this e-mail form or e-mail the BHGS at BlueHillsGenealogicalSociety@gmail.com.